The Great Gatsby Directed By Jack Clayton Essay

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Last Saturday I went to the local high school to attend their movie night event with my sister. After we sat down at our seats inside the school auditorium, I realized that it is been so long since the last time I was here. The auditorium still looks the same when I was there five years ago. I found that they have the movie night event every month, so I am already looking forward for my next visit here. Before the newer version of The Great Gatsby movie came out in 2013, I decided to get the book and read it before I watch the movie. I still remembered that I felt in love with this book immediately after I read through couple pages of the first chapter. I have always wanted to watch the older version of the movie because a lot of my friends told me that the newer one is not that good compare to the older one. The Great Gatsby (1974) directed by Jack Clayton is an American romantic drama film. Romantic love is “a relationship that may or may not include sex, which is less important in any case than tender feelings and a desire to be with the other person for the sake of that person, not for the satisfaction of personal desires” (Janaro, Altshuler, 439). The movie is about a young man from the Midwest named Nick Carraway living in a beautiful mansion on Long Island. After Jay Gatsby, a mysterious rich man, moved into the neighborhood and throws a lot of lavish parties, Carraway starts to get involves in Gatsby’s life. Even though Gatsby looks very happy and seems…

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