Essay about The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Cars have always had a huge impact on Americans and their lives. Americans have the need for speed, the beauty, and the muscle for types of cars. Cars are more than just transportation. They are symbols of who Americans are and what we have done to get there. Like Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, a proclaimed millionaire with all the cars and speed he wants. He loves his cars and they show who this wild man is and what he wants. In the Red Convertible, Henry and Lyman both love the red convertible but over time and after the Vietnam War the car had a different affect on the Brothers. In Skunk Hour cars have a different meaning. It is a place to hide, watch, and creep. He does this because he is not right and he knows. In the Great Gatsby, Red Convertible, and Skunk Hour, Cars are more than just a symbol; they have a meaning that is unique to that individual and sometimes can not be explained to others. Everyone sees cars a different and that is what makes them so special. In the interview with Linda Howland the question was asked “Do different types of cars show a certain social status?” She responded saying “In today’s day no, availability of cars is not rare and they are easy to buy. With so many brands and models today anyone can have a good car.” Things have changed. The liberty that made cars so desirable is what now makes cars so undesirable. Everybody wanted that freedom. Jay Gatsby would beg to differ. He believes cars are one way to show off wealth and status of…

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