The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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4. I think the best part in The Great Gatsby is when Jay Gatsby lures Daisy to his home to rekindle their five-year long romance. Nick Carraway, who is Daisy’s cousin, is over for tea and Gatsby shows up. They start to talk and Gatsby shows Daisy around his very extravagant home. As she is trying on various beautiful outfits, he tries to impress her by throwing all of his clothes at her and telling her how he has someone pick out every single one of his outfits that he wears. I think that it is amazing how in awe Daisy is and impressed by Gatsby’s wealth. I love that Jay was willing to do anything and everything for Daisy. He moved into the house across from her and threw very extravagant, amazing parties hoping that one day she might waltz in and they would fall in love again.
5. The worst part of the book is when Daisy runs over Myrtle with a car, and Jay takes the fault for it. It is a beautiful thing for Jay to take the blame, but because he did that he lost his life. The saddest part in the book is when George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband, kills Gatsby and he is waiting for Daisy to call. The phone rings as Jay is shot. As he dies he thinks that it was Daisy that was calling, but when in reality it was Nick Carraway. The worst aspect of the book is the character Daisy. She ran over Myrtle and killed her because she was having an affair with her husband. She let Jay take the blame for it. That was a selfish act. She never takes responsibility for her…

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