Critical Review Of The Great Gatsby And Macbeth

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Critical Analysis Review for The Great Gatsby and Macbeth


1.Summary: The three witches tell Banquo and Macbeth about the prophecies, Macbeth will become King and Banquo will be a father of a line of kings. Banquo is sceptical of what is being said to him and Macbeth is hesitant to believe them at first. Ross told Macbeth that the king gave him the title of thane of cawdor and now he believed the witches.

How: Macbeth was behaving timidly, when he got told the news by Ross he automatically thought about killing the king to make the last prophecy become a reality. Macbeth was horrified of his own idea, but knew that was his only way of becoming king.

Why: Macbeth was acting this way because he knows that killing the king is wrong.
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Macbeth had also sent murderers out to kill Macduff’s entire family and Macduff wanted Malcolm to be king Duncan’s successor. Macduff wanted to avenge all the tragic deaths Macbeth caused.

The Great Gatsby:

Summary: As Gatsby and Nick drove to New York for lunch, Gatsby started telling Nick about his past. Nick was hoping he’d learn something new about Gatsby, but Gatsby’s stories didn’t sound believable to him. Gatsby sensed Nick’s scepticism and showed him a medal from Montenegro and a picture of himself playing cricket in Oxford.

How: Nick was behaving in a discontented manner. Nick was skeptical about everything Gatsby was saying to him. He kept asking Gatsby questions in hopes of catching him off guard. Nick had hoped that he would be able to learn something new and true about Gatsby, but ended up being disappointed in him for lying.

Why: The whole ride to New York, Gatsby had been telling Nick about his questionable past. Nick wasn’t happy about the things he was hearing because he’d thought he’d get to know the real Gatsby and at that moment all Gatsby was to him was a lying
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He thought that exposing the true Gatsby to Daisy will discourage Daisy from ever wanting to see him again.

4. Summary: George Wilson had his wife Myrtle locked up for getting into affairs with another man and Myrtle managed to escape. She was trying to run away from Wilson to a car that she thought Tom was driving, but the car contained Daisy and Gatsby and she got hit. Moments later, Nick, Tom and Jordan arrived at the scene and Tom was grief stricken to see Myrtle’s lifeless body laying on the table.

How: Tom was behaving in a distressed manner. Tom stood motionless at the site of Myrtle’s dead body. He demanded answers at the crime scene and was completely devastated about the whole situation.

Why: Tom was behaving this way because Myrtle was his mistress. Tom and Myrtle have been having secret affairs for a while and he felt like he lost someone special to him.

5. Summary: Gatsby requested for Nick and Daisy to move from Nick’s house and join him in his mansion. Daisy was completely astonished by his home, just as Gatsby had intended. Daisy buried her head in Gatsby’s shirts and began crying at their

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