The Great Fall Of The Roaring 20 ' S Essay

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There was a time of national prosperity in our nation during the early 1900’s and that period of time was called the Roaring 20’s. The Roaring 20’s was a time where everybody in the nation was going through an economic joy, it was a time everyone could afford things they always wanted. Things that always seemed to be such a luxury turned to be something that everybody now could afford but like all great moments in history there comes a great fall. The great fall for the roaring 20’s was called the Great Depression, this happened in 1929 and it was because the stock market had crashed. In October 22, 1989 Presidential Candidate Herbert Hoover had made a speech stating “Years ago the Republican administration established the principle that such evils could be corrected by regulation. It developed methods by which abuses could be prevented while the full value of industrial progress could be retained for the public… It declared that these businesses must be conducted with glass pockets,” (Doc. 1). This speech by Hoover pin points to us that the fall of the economic crash was all caused by the government for they used their “glass pockets” and did want to spend their money to prevent the crash. This economic crash was so huge that it will be an event in American history that will always be remembered. At the time we had two leaders to guide us in these troubled times their names were Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. They were great leaders, but the way they both handled…

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