The Great Depression : What Movie Won The Best Picture? Essay examples

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During the Great Depression What movie won the “Best Picture” in the year 1939 at the Academy Awards? “Gone with the Wind” took the trophy that year. Many things had happened in the 1930’s whether the events were good or bad. That decade had many different changes to society along with many household situations mostly bad ones. Those problems came from the Great Depression starting in the late 1920’s and continuing throughout the entire next decade. The two presidents during the 30s were more worried about getting reelected and serving longer in office than making sure the country did not fall into economic drought. Many events had taken place, such as major events that shaped the world at the time and that still have an impact on the world today all throughout the United States because the presidents did not want to only have one term in office. The lack of presidential leadership in the 1930’s led to society changes, household problems, and the different events that happened throughout this time. The leadership from the presidents was very insufficient. During the 30s there were two presidents. Herbert Hoover was our thirty-first President of the United States. “He was born on August 10, 1874, in Iowa. [He was] the first president born west of the Mississippi,” (Pearson n.p.). Herbert only served one term in office for certain reasons such as not helping and only hurting the country, and he served from March 4, 1929 to March 4, 1933 (Pearson n.p.). Franklin Roosevelt…

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