The Great Depression : The Deepest And Longest Lasting Economic Downturn

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The Great Depression was “the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world” ( It lasted ten years, from 1929-1939. Every day was a struggle to provide for families. Overall, the morale of the entire country went down. The public did anything they could to stay alive, even if it was frowned upon, everyone had to take care of themselves one way or another. The Great Depression was an awful time in history, which not only affected the entire country, but migrant workers like George and Lennie. ( The 1920’s were a good time. Everyone was on a post war high. The win of World War I left everyone extremely happy. If you had money, this was the time to get rich quick through the stock market. Many did not believe it was possible to lose. Over a million Americans had money in the stock market. It only took four years for a majority of stocks to raise four hundred percent! Everything was going well, everyone was making money, until October 29, 1929. On this day the stock market crashed, rendering a million Americans out of their money. Spending and investments slowed immensely, causing an extreme drop in industrial output. Many companies began laying off their workers, therefore the unemployment rate rose steeply. Contrary to the popular belief, the stock market crash and the Great Depression were not the same thing. The stock market…

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