How The Great Depression Changed American Families

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The Great Depression Mr. Flores March 5, 2016 IB History

The Great Depression During the Great Depression, american families were struggling to survive the drastic changes that the depression had on them. Many significant components of the depression had mainly to do with the impact it had on american families. After the stock market crashed in 1929, and the debate about economic crisis, that is where the lives of american families changed dramatically. There was a numerous amount of families that were left unemployed, without a home, suffering from malnutrition, and starving. The Great Depression definitely changed american families greatly, placing great economic, social, and psychological demands and strains upon families. The Great Depression was the longest depression of the twentieth century. The depression affected families to a certain extent, where they were unable to have light, food etc. In many cases, families would have to move in with their relatives. They would live in overcrowded houses,
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The economic impact was felt by so many americans. The Great Depression changed american families greatly because they basically weren’t living the lives they previously had. Men and women became unemployed and struggled to find work. All of the family 's life savings were gone in an instant. A majority of american families would suffer from malnutrition, because they didn’t have nearly enough food to eat. Many americans were turning into animals trying to get scraps of food from the dumpster. Many people didn’t want to deal with what the Great Depression had to throw at them, so to end their troubles, people would commit suicide. The Great Depression definitely reshaped American families, to the point where they were struggling in day to day

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