The Grapes Of Wrath: Chapter Analysis

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Intercalary chapters are inserted between certain parts of the story to introduce a new topic. John Steinbeck includes an intercalary about every other chapter but only lasts a few pages. Hardly any of the chapters contain information valuable to continue the storyline and just provide a drawback on the reading of the book. The Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinbeck includes intercalary chapters which interrupts the storyline to give repetitive background information, reoccurring data on the time period, or to give details irrelevant to the setting which drags out the book.
As a critic of most intercalary chapters, some of them affiliate with historical facts that enrich the book as a whole. Those specific chapters incorporate knowledge on the time period as well as the situation perceived during the years of the dust bowl. Inserting certain chapters such as chapters 21 & 23 make readers feel more sympathetic toward the Joad family and the trip they encountered to get to California. “There in the Middle- and Southwest had lived simple agrarian folk who had not changed with the industry who had not formed with machines or known the power and danger of machines in private hands” (Steinbeck 385). Statements similar to the one above are fabricated multiple times proving that migrants were put in vulnerable positions. Unlike
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Intercalary chapters shaped Steinbeck’s book The Grapes of Wrath in both positive and negative aspects. Although some of the historical chapters help improve the storyline the others fell short which confuse and draw out the book. Especially if the interrupting chapters all contain similar information which does not allow for the storyline to advance forward. Most of the intercalary chapters distracted from the overall narration besides adding repetitiveness, irrelevance, and

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