The Grapes Of Wrath Chapter 9-1 Summary

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Chapter 9
Huck and Jim went exploring. Jim helped Huck hide his canoe and set traps in it. They set all their things for the raining weather that was about to come. They then built a fire and made dinner. They went into a cavern, and saw that there was a giant storm outside; the trees were flying everywhere and the wind was carrying everything with its might. many days go by and Huck notices that the river keeps getting higher and higher. It even went over the banks. Jim and Huck spend their days riding around in their canoe. After a couple of days they noticed that the island had been flooded and some animals had gone into the water. They came upon a house in the middle of the island, and looked inside. They saw that there was a dead
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When Huck tries to leave, the old woman says the he can’t go into the night alone. The old lady kept on talking about random topics that Huck didn’t want to hear about. But then she started talking about Huck’s dad and the murder of him, though she didn’t know that Huck was the person who got murdered. From the old lady, Huck finds out that there is a reward for his father and Jim, because people think they killed Huck. He also found out that his father went to the Judge and demanded his money back, only to end up leaving and getting drunk. Many people are also looking for Jim and speculating that he is in Jackson’s island. The lady asks what's Huck’s name, and he says “Mary Williams”, but in the beginning he said “Sarah Williams”. Huck lies and fixes the problem. The old lady then started talking about the past and how hard it was. The lady asks Huck to kill some rats with her gun, so he does, but then she asks him what his real name and story is. Huck quickly makes up a lie, and tells her that he was pretending to be a girl to runaway. The lady believes everything that he said, and helps him pack up for his journey to

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