Essay on The Gospel Centered Counseling For A Christian Ministry

1328 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
I was very encouraged and refreshed after I finished reading Kelleman’s Gospel-Centered Counseling. It provided me numerous profound insights, as well as burning my heart with passions for a biblical counseling in my future Gospel ministry. I also greatly appreciated real life counseling cases, which Bob Kelleman provided for readers in his book. It helped to see practicality of biblical counseling and helped me to grasp ideas of what should counseling looks like in a Christian ministry. The Book was filled with honesty, heartwarming encouragement, and truth in love. Yet, as much as I was benefited by Kelleman’s insights in biblical counseling, I must also acknowledge that I wrestled with my thoughts constantly throughout my reading.
Kelleman’s strong stands on supremacy of Scripture in a process of counseling is noteworthy. Kelleman believes that the Scripture should not merely serve counseling as a reference or co-operative instrument. Rather, he believes that the Word of God should be the foundation, as well as overarching theme, of entire process of biblical counseling. Yet, I also greatly appreciate Kelleman’s honesty and humility in acknowledge Scripture’s comprehensiveness, not exhaustiveness. Kelleman claims that the Bible does not provide meticulous details concerning human life, but it provides general principles of how human being were supposed to and ought to live one’s life. Therefore, Kelleman believes that every counseling must have their basis on these…

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