The Golden Age For Women 's Sports Essay

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When you hear about sports, what do you hear about more Men or women’s sports? Other than the rare occasion women’s sports have commonly been looked down upon and have been treated less important then men’s sports, but as much as it seems that women’s sports aren’t treated as equals with men’s sports we have come a long way in the last hundred and fifteen years. An examination of women’s participation in the Olympics, media coverage of women’s sports and the recent women’s FIFA world cup will show that the 2000’s are the golden age for women’s sports.

It wasn’t long ago that women first joined the Olympics. It was on May 14 Oct. 28 1900 that 22 women first got to partake in the Paris Olympics, in only five sports: tennis, croquet, sailing, equestrian and golf. Out of the 22 women to take part Helene dePorales was the first women to win a gold medal as part of a team while charlotte cooper was the first woman to win gold in an indavidual event. (Fact sheet women in the Olympics p.1.) As the years went on more and more female athletes were allowed to take part in the Olympics’ setting new records like Jackie Joyner kersee who has been called the world’s greatest athlete. She competed in 4 back to back Olympics (1984-1996) and won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. She helped to show young girls that hat they can be as good as men. “If a young female sees my dreams and goals come true, they will realize their dreams and goals might also come…

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