The Goals Within The Correctional System Essay

1296 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
1. The struggle with conflicting goals within the correctional system has always been seen as an issue. In order for these goals to be accomplished, the conflicts that arise when correctional goals combine needs to be perceived as a positive change to the correctional system. Three of these goals are rehabilitation, incapacitation, and retribution. Rehabilitation is an attempt to restore a convicted offender to a constructive place in society through training or therapy (Clear et al, 2016). Incapacitation is to deprive the offender of having the ability to commit crimes, usually by detainment (Clear et al, 2016). Lastly, retribution is inflicting punishment on an individual who has chosen to violate the rights of others (Clear et al, 2016). These goals conflict against one another by the different views that each individual goal possesses, on how the convicted offender should endure their time being incarcerated. The goal of rehabilitation conflicts with that of incapacitation because rehabilitation seeks to help an offender obtain resources that will help them once they are finished with their sentence, while incapacitation chooses to take away a convicted offenders ability to commit a crime, but not putting effort towards teaching them how to do so. Rehabilitation conflicts with the goal of retribution since rehabilitation focuses on rehabilitating an offender properly, and acknowledging those who can properly enter back into society without committing…

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