The Goals Of American Education Essay

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In the United States the two most common types of schools are private and public. Public schools are free and private schools are paid for. These types of schools and their student bodies speak to the diversity, or lack of, in the classroom. This is one issue that is hard to solve and address because there are many underlying issues like race and class. The goal of American education is to provide quality education to all citizens, but I have learned from this class that America is still working to do so. Not all schools are created equally. I was very worried about coming to the United States because school districts vary. I know that there are many school districts that lack funding, resources, and educators and the students are the ones that suffer. I was shocked to learn that schools vary by state and city, that means that there are many different people deciding what youth should learn and how they should learn it. A book by George Strayer, written in the early 20th century says, “Curriculum materials and teaching methods must be adapted to meet local conditions” (Strayer, 1938). This means that the school system is less organized, but it also means that all students’ needs are being met when curriculum can change by state and city.

American Schools
There has been a lot growth in types of schools that are offered to children. One of the newest ideas is called a free school. With the growing number of open minded adults wanting to foster a more creative community,…

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