The Goal Of Free Writing Essay

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The goal of free writing is to help students record their observations and make connections through their own writing. Free writing exercises can be setup at the beginning and/or end of class. Writing at the beginning of class helps students recollect information shared in the previous class, while writing at the end of class helps students remember the information discussed during class and ways they can restructure the information to put in in their own words (Foulk 6). To further enforce the students’ knowledge and gage student comprehension, a follow up class discussion can take place after the free writing exercises. Furthermore, this class discussion can be facilitated by statements that require deep thinking, from the instructor, such as “Based on your most recent writing assignment, formulate at least one question for further discussion” (Foulk 7). Questions, such as this one, will helps students learn and remember concepts through continuous review. Although this free writing exercise and class discussion may require a significant amount of class time, it will demonstrate to students how much the instructor values writing and the writing process, therefore, encouraging students to write more, which will over time help improve their writing skills (Foulk 8).
In order to encourage knowledge restructuring and prevent simple regurgitation of information among students, instructors can utilize five different prompts/tasks when facilitating free writing exercises. These…

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