Essay about The Glory and The Dream

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The Glory and the Dream Questions

1. What was the Bonus Army? What occurred? Who was involved?
a. The Bonus Army were soldiers returned from World War I who wanted a “bonus” immediately authorized by the Adjusted Compensation Act. The veterans marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to acquire their relief. However, MacArthur and Hoover stopped the veterans at their core in a final “battle” calling them “communists and persons with criminal records.”
2. What is Rugged Individualism?
a. Rugged Individualism was when someone was called upon for advice, he or she “was impelled by the conventional wisdom to offer proposals designed to make things worse.” (pg. 21)

Chapter 1
1. What businesses flourished during the Great
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of 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which took only eleven days. It was a new warfare called Blitzkrieg, meaning lightning in German.
3. Who is Norman Thomas?
a. Norman Thomas was a born evangelist. He became the leader of the socialist’s party and during WWII he fought against the internment of Japanese-Americans and against Roosevelt’s demands for unconditional surrender.

Chapter 7
1. What was the overall American feeling to the outbreak of war in Europe?
a. Americans were very emotional towards to war outbeaks in Europe and most turned against the Nazis as they displayed a, “genius for bad public relations.” (pg. 218)
2. Why was the Committee to Defend America formed?
a. The Committee to Defend America was formed after the destroyers swap papers were signed. They wanted to sacrifice Great Britian and focus on strengthening the U.S. for war.
3. What was the purpose of the Selective Service Bill? What was the debate over the Selective Service Bill?
a. The Selective Service Bill was the nation’s first peacetime draft. The debate was that millions of Americans wanted America to stay a weak military power. At the same time other people wanted America to be able to have a great defense from threatening powers.

Chapter 8
1. What was the status of minority relations in the USA?
a. Many African Americans moved north for better pay. Many were jobless and were discriminated against. One example was that many black Americans could not get a place to perform

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