Essay on The Glass Ceiling And The Gender Wage Gap

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Over the years, the presence of gender roles in the household and workplace have become extremely common and even jocular. Everyone has heard of the classics like “women belong in the kitchen” and “never send a woman to do a man 's job” but have never questioned as to why women are portrayed as weak and incapable of anything besides being a wife and mother. Despite the way the world has changed in recent decades, the manner in which men, and women are viewed is still unequal. The main problem with gender clichés is the way that it reflects on girls and women through their adolescent, teenage, and adult years. Issues such as the glass ceiling and the gender wage gap emphasize the problems women face in society today. Many women also feel uncomfortable working in stereotypical male careers. Although feminism is becoming more and more popular and women 's rights activists have been getting more attention in the media lately, men are still winning in this “battle of the sexes”. Obviously, movies, television shows, and magazines show a wide range of sexism. It seems nowadays, the patronization and obstruction of women 's rights is starting to bombard many things in everyday life. Everywhere you turn, women are being objectified and criticized for every idiosyncratic thing about themselves. Women should have their own set of rights and be able to do anything they want without questions relating to their abilities.
From a young age, girls are taught to dress, look, and act a…

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