The Giver By Lois Lowry Essay

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The world is filled with pain, fear, happiness, individuality, diversity and more. All these things are what make the earth so unique and not perfect. Imagine if all of this was removed from the planet and people are deprived of their feeling, emotions, right etc.
That’s what Lois Lowry in her book The Giver portrays. The story takes place in a community where everything, everybody is the same and is in black and white. People don’t have the choice of anything even their jobs and at the age of twelve the elders of the community assigned a specify occupation. They also have to apply to have a husband and can’t have more than two children. From birth to death and at each stage of their life, they are supervised and can’t make mistake. The main character of the story is Jonas who lives with his mother, father and his sister. The beginning of the book explains how Jonas is nervous about a ceremony that will occur soon. This ceremony is for the twelve years old children and is really important because it is the passage from childhood to adulthood. Jonas always fell different from others but it doesn’t know that this particularity is because he is The Receiver. Basically, he is the person that will receive all memories and have the right to see and do many things that people in the community can’t.
He will end up fail his task and leave because he realizes that there is another world out there that is not perfect but better. By this story, it’s clear that memory, freedom,…

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