The Giver And 1984 By George Orwell Essay

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The Giver and 1984
Throughout the history of time, we have to fear a dictatorship or authoritarian system, we watch in complicated the possibly of dictatorships. Systems of government where they government control all, most of them set in a post-apocalypse future, after a world war, most of the time the society of the now has been destroyed, if not all of the time, with only pieces of the truth of our history perverted by the government. Dystopian is a popular genre throughout our culture right now it plans on our fears and makes us fear our future. Throughout English for the last book of the year we are reading 1984 by George Orwell, “Big brother is watching”, this shows the idea the government watching you controlling what you do, who you marry, how you live. This idea of the dystopia of government manipulation and control makes me think of the giver and the society of it. Both these societies use control. By perverting the past and making their society seem like the best. In the Giver by Lois Lowry, they are completely eliminated, their history completely eliminated any history at all making no society before the society. They have the receiver of memory keep all memories, good and bad to protect the society. They take away all freedom and watch everyone, also take away emotions and even speaking of emotions, “watch your language”. As the receivers say this society lives “The life where nothing was ever unexpected, or inconvenient, or unusual. The life without color,…

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