The Giant Panda Essay

1352 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
The giant panda is an interesting example when looking at the value the society places on animals that are kept in the zoo. Originally, panda bears are found in China, however, with Chinas growing population and modernization, pandas are now considered to be “the most engaged bear in the world” (Lindburge, 65). As with any animal that is vulnerable in this world or is facing extinction, there is no debate that the major contributor to this threat is the human species destroying an ecosystem and causing disastrous effects on all species living in their environment. Habitat loss is due to a continues encroaching and expanding human population, which places “demands for rainforest timber, or for agricultural land or building space”, in addition to the endless human greed, characterized by people poaching animals for profit (Bostock, 140). According to satellite imaging, it is estimated that over the past 30 years about 50% of panda’s forest range had not only decreased, but has also been fragmented and divided by roads, farms, and cities, isolating different panda groups and reducing proper gene pool exchange (Lindburg, 133,187). Animals, such as panda bears, depend on their habitat for survival, especially considering the fact that pandas natural environment is already “the least diverse habitat and have the most restrictive food habits…limited almost entirely to bamboo” (Lindburge, 55). With the loss of their habitat, survival for pandas is becoming extremely difficult, and…

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