The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Everybody has their own way of believing in certain things. Some believe that people have a soul and that other species do not. Some people go on the basis of science, and say that if an animal has certain characteristics then it is alive. There is no correct answer, but over time certain beliefs have overpowered others. Through these beliefs, it has become clear that humans believe that they have a superiority complex over these creatures.
Humans have believed that they are better than the creatures that they ensnare because they can bully those poor animals around. The zoos in which society engages the animals, animals which families domesticate and make “family friends”, and then there are the animals who people ensnare, underfeed, and then
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This can be seen in the story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, in which a man named Rainsford gets thrown off a ship and is stuck on an island with a person who a man named Zaroff who got “bored” of hunting animals because they are not challenging enough. This is an example of people mistreating animals to do their bidding because Zaroff had gotten bored of murdering creatures who were unsuspecting of him. Another way humans have forced innocent animals to do their bidding is through the circus. In the book, No Animals Were Harmed: The Controversial Line between Entertainment and Abuse by Peter Laufer, Peter Laufer decides to go investigate different ways humans use animals for amusement, and he has one section that goes over the abusive Mexican circuses and how they underfeed all their animals. This shows that animals are abused just for entertainment and that the people who do this show little to no remorse because if they did then they would have already …show more content…
The truth is that people believe in the fact that speech is a defining border between humans and other species. According to, humans believe that they are superior to other animals because of “Duality of Patterning”, which essentially means that humans have the ability to form sentences of different sounds, while other species are left to arbitrary sounds which limits messaging. This is not true because the majority of species that are non-human are able to communicate through sign language and other forms of movement. This shows that animals have a cognitive ability that could be equivalent to us. According to, another difference between human and animal speech is that humans can learn new languages, but other species have the language inborn them. This is not true because a researcher named Margaret Howe had managed to train a dolphin some words of the English language. This shows that animals do have the ability to culturally learn different languages. Another way that people believe that animals are beneath them through language is through ambiguity. The human language is based on ambiguity, and allow the same word to have several meanings. Most other species are based on context clues, which allows only one signal to mean one thing. Ambiguity is a bad thing for the human race because of the fact things could get mixed up. Since one signal means one thing to an animal, nothing can be

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