The Ghost Map By Steven Johnson Essay

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The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson, a nauseating account of Victorian London in the mid
1800’s, tells an appalling story of disease, devastation, and death. This was a crisis that had puzzled some of the brightest minds of the time. With overwhelming amounts of human waste collecting, and a growing stench in London it was no surprise people were dying. It must have been the smell of the waste spreading infectious disease in the air. While elected officials scramble to solve the problem by forcing residents to eliminate their cesspools and dump them in the community’s main source of water, little did they know that the smell in the air was the least of their concerns. In fact the solution that was given turned out to be the major contributing fact of an extremely devastating outbreak of cholera. One of the utmost distressing situations London had and will ever see. This epidemic made way for massive changes in not only London, but also for Science, agriculture, the public health system, and more importantly the future of our world.

Among many miasmatists, during the period of the massive cholera outbreak, one man by the name of John Snow stood his ground that this outbreak had not been caused by the air they were breathing; instead he declared it was in the water they were drinking. However, many influential people of the times would refuse to accept what John Snow alleged. One of the main contributors to the miasma belief was Edwin Chadwik, who had an opposing…

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