Essay on The Geography Of Greece And Greek Civilization

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The geography of Greece effected the Greek civilization greatly. Ancient Greece’s land wasn’t the easiest to live on. It wasn’t very fertile which didn’t give the Greeks much food. They had to find other ways to get food. The land also consisted of many hills and mountains that separated the land. This created the problem of unity in the country
The land of ancient Greece was surrounded by water from three sides, otherwise known as a peninsula. They were surrounded by salt water, which they didn’t have much use for. The Greeks couldn’t drink the seawater, they couldn’t bathe in it and worst of all they couldn’t irrigate with it. Because they weren’t able to use the seawater to irrigate they didn’t do much farming, so they didn’t have many crops. Since they didn’t have many crops, trading became one of their main sources of food. They sailed across the oceans, looking for food to trade. “As the Greeks became skilled sailors, sea travel also connected Greece with other societies.” ( Due to this they became export sailors and there was a lot of cultural diffusion. Another food source they had was fishing in their seas. Fish was a big part of their diet. They would fish daily so they could provide food for their family. One of the reasons that there wasn’t much farming was because of lack of irrigation, but another reason was a lack of fertile land. “Rocky land; only 20 to 30 percent good for farming; mostly in valleys” ( the land in ancient…

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