Economic Differences Between Greece And Persia

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Greece vs. Persia The Classical age through the Hellenistic period was a time where politics, economics, and religion flourished throughout Europe. Two important empires during this time period ere the Greeks and the Persians, whose significance increased significantly after the Greco-Persian war. The politics and economics of Persia and Greece were different, but the religions were similar because they worshipped anthropomorphically, had an altar system, and weren 't strongly practicing missionary work. Greece and Persia had extremely contrasting political systems. They had different types of government, region division, and gender roles. Democracy was founded in Greece, allowing all male citizens to vote about changes and decisions in the …show more content…
their farmland limited the number of people the empires could support and their diversity in trade. They also had differences in the way they viewed slavery. Greece, as previously stated, is a mountainous region, proving difficult to cultivate crops. While olive vineyards thrived, not many other crops succeeded and Greece needed to rely on trade in order to sustain its population. For this reason, Greece could not provide for as big of a population as the Persians. The Persian empire was extensive, stretching from North Africa, into Ancient Mesopotamia, and into the Middle East. This provided a lot of distinct resources throughout the empire. Because of this, Persia was able to sustain a large population and trade with many different countries. While Persia had many diverse assets in trade, Greeks mainly traded for one exceptionally valuable resource, olive oil. The Greeks and the Persians also viewed slavery differently. The Greek slaves were highly relied upon to till and harvest the fields. Without the Greek slaves, their economy would falter. The Persians didn’t have nearly as many slaves as the Greeks, and din’t rely on them as heavily. In fact, Persia only had very few slaves and had more workers farming the land for a

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