The Generation Of Today 's Society Essay

1059 Words Jun 4th, 2015 null Page
This generation does not have the ability to be generalized; we, as a whole, are incredibly diverse and individualistic. Although I can admit that there are many instances where this generation has spiraled downward, there are also multiple ways that it has grown and adapted to the new technology and societal changes. Older generations, such as the Baby Boomers, condemn Generation Y for its excessive use of technology among other things. And although I agree in certain aspects, the current epoch takes these criticisms and fights back by showing how important these adjustments are to today’s society. Firstly, in defense of this generation, the Millennials respond rapidly to shifting generational forces. For example, the constant evolution of technology is difficult for Baby Boomers to come to terms with. In contrast, young people have a finger on the pulse of the world at all times. Smartphones, laptops, iPads, etc. conveniently allow us to acquire knowledge at a considerably faster rate than older people can. We are not unintelligent because of the copious amount of time spent on our cellphones, but rather connected socially and globally in a way that is not seen as the norm for older generations. Boomers’ anger towards the younger generation can be interpreted as jealousy. Because the majority of them lack the understanding and skill to compete with the individuals of Generation Y, they feel obsolete and, therefore, morph that envy into hostility. However, I am not naïve…

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