The General Argument Made By Eric Schlosser Essay

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The general argument made by Eric Schlosser (2012) in “A People’s Democratic
Platform,” is that the United States must declare an end to the war on drugs. More specifically,
Schlosser argues that this war has been a total failure. Schlosser (2012) writes “it has created a multibillion-dollar black market, enriched organized crime groups and promoted the corruption of government officials throughout the world.” In this passage Schlosser is suggesting that the drug war is not ending but only getting worse and creating a bigger mess. People are losing their families over the use of drugs and the government is gaining a profit because of it, while citizens of the United States are the ones who ultimately pays the cost. Schlosser is right because this has been a long battle that does not seem to be getting any better.
Supporting My Claim
The United States should immediately decriminalize the cultivation and possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use as well. The struggle over marijuana regulation is one of the most important federalism conflicts in a generation (Chemerinsky, 2015, p.77). Since
1996 twenty-three states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and in November 2013
Colorado and Washington State went even further, legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use
(Chemerinsky, 2015, p.77). The ongoing clash over marijuana laws raises questions of tension and cooperation between state and federal governments and forces policymakers and courts to…

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