The Gendered Power Imbalances Within The Universes Of Sylvia Plath 's Ariel And William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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To be completely honest: I just find the idea of writing an honors thesis – a paper built off of and fashioned around months of exciting, extensive research – incredibly electrifying. It might be naïve of me, as I’ve yet to even write an academic paper that surpasses a length of fifteen pages, but I can’t help imagining how holding that finished thesis in your hands must be the most satisfying feeling, and the most thrilling feeling, well worth all of the effort – and all of the hours! – it took you to get to the moment itself.
I’m an international student. I took four British A-Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and – my favorite – English Language & Literature, the last of which is a qualification for which I was required to write a 12-page paper detailing the differences and similarities between the gendered power imbalances established within the universes of Sylvia Plath’s Ariel and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The texts for this assignment, Ariel and Hamlet, were chosen for us, but we were allowed to pick our own individual paper topics – and I absolutely loved that. It’s why I know I’d enjoy writing an honors thesis, actually: I had a fantastic time trying to construct an unassailable argument for my A-Level coursework and that was nothing, really. Nothing compared to this.
I’m also besotted with the notion of taking one or more of my favorite literary works apart. Both Ariel and Hamlet are suffused with an almost unbearable amalgam of rage and grief, which…

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