The Gender Roles Portrayed For Men And Women During The Colonial Latin America

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In Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World, Catalina De Erauso tells her extraordinary story of how she lived the life of a man. She presents this story by telling us of the many exciting and preposterous events she encountered throughout her travels. Through these stories we see her rejecting the role of a woman, and all of the subordination and typical duties associated with it. She instead developed into the role of a combative and violent heterosexual male. This paper will explore Erauso’s story and explore the gender roles portrayed for men and women in the colonial Latin America in the 17th century. The story begins with Catalina being placed into a convent at the age of 4 to train to become a nun, but she escapes at age 15. During her escape, she must hide her identity so she creates a suit out of her nun clothing. She soon acquires a job as a page, which are typically young boys who appear feminine, as her first step in living the life of a man. After encountering her mother and father, she decides to travel to the new world as a ship boy on her uncle’s ship. She later steals from him and travels to Panama where she obtains many jobs, some extremely lucrative. She also begins to have many violent episodes where she will kill people, get in trouble with the police, and must take shelter in many churches. Eventually, She decides to join the Army for a new start (Erauso, vii-80). While in the Army she meets her brother and they become…

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