Racism In Mexican American War

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The time prior to the Mexican American war and proceeding onward for women of hispanic descent was martyred with racism. The racism integrated itself from the relationship the mexican women have with the indigenous folk. Such that many of the Mexican Women have indigenous blood, since they are not of anglo descent they are still held to the idea that the indigenous are beneath the anglo communities that have been conquered, now more than once. Even in the shift from the indigenous community to the colonization there was a shift from somewhat women 's equality, where women were revered to one where women take a secondary position. In a place where the Mexican community is considered a second class citizen, a women becomes even lower in position …show more content…
Many times the colonial settlers would attack those they felt were inferior. They would attack the Mexican Americans and claim it to be in defense of the nation and of justice. One instance of hostility towards the Mexican Americans was in the case of (insert name). Some settlers came as a mob and demanded he leave his land. In addition to demanding he leave his land, they took it a step farther and raped his wife. After they raped her in front of him, they also murdered her. There were no repercussions for this crime. If anything women were the ones punished. The only two women to be hung in that era, were two Mexican women. The women had murdered anglo males, and only in a self defense response. Nonetheless the women were not defended and were executed.
Woman made efforts to ease the tension held by these conflicting groups of Anglo Americans and Mexican Americans. They were prominent figures in the rallies where they helped organize and protest. In addition women were important to the efforts in bringing more people to the cause. They went about this in publishing papers, newspaper, articles, poems and songs to uplift women. In doing so they brought attention to the cause and made sure that the women realized that the fight was not for men alone, they were also affected by the discrimination and should demand a

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