The Gender Roles Have Been Distinguished Throughout Our History

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The gender roles have been distinguished throughout our history as male and female, hero and damsel in distress. The females have always been the lower part of the gender equality or the one always needing saving, well this was true until the twenty-first century where women took a huge leap as how they are portrayed this has followed suit in many areas of the media today such as print, film and the internet. In today’s age or generation, we now see that it is the female characters or actors that take charge or save the day unlike how it use to be, where the females are the damsel in distress. There were many companies who tried to push the old way out and boy did Disney help with that a lot. Today’s literature or even any kind of print, we now see more of a heroine as the main character in a word that is being destroyed controlled or some kind of earthly disaster happening to it and the main character lately has been a female who goes through this adventure and saves the day. As we see many hit books lately such as “Divergent” by Veronica Roth and “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins as well as the series “Eve” by Anna Carey. We see some normal average girls who turn out to be the unexpected hero’s in their stories who lead rebellions, or them on their own making a huge change. In the Divergent series we see a young girl named Beatrice Prior who is one of the different ones, and is kind of given or made into a leader alongside with her partner, and friend Four. The books…

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