The Gender Pay Gap Myth Essay example

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The Gender Pay Gap Myth

The gender pay gap myth is something that is controversially talked about constantly. Many claim that there is a gap in pay between the different genders. This is simply not true. There is a perfectly good reason why women tend to earn less than men. Not because they are discriminated against but because they tend to choose less lucrative career paths. Also, if there was a gap in pay, companies would exploit this and only hire women. Furthermore, women who have children will take time off which results in missed training opportunities. To reiterate, the whole idea of the gender pay gap is painfully misinterpreted due to confirmation bias. When you look at the issue as a whole, and not just the one side, it becomes clear that there is not a gap in the pay between genders.
One of the ways this myth can be debunked is by looking at what a company’s goals are. If women were actually paid less, companies would jump at the opportunity to have an all-female staff. Think of it like this: A company, at the end of the day, wants to minimise expenditure where possible and maximise profits. Why would a company whose goal is to do such a thing hire a male, who is equally qualified and skilled, that costs more to upkeep to do the exact same job? A company would take advantage of a pay gap if it truly existed. Women would get hired and men would be left unemployed wondering how women are consistently getting jobs over them. It is blatantly obvious that this is not…

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