The Gender Gap Of The Engineering Field Essay examples

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Abstract Historically, engineering has been known as a man’s club, with there being few women in the profession. Over the years, the number of women in the engineering field has increased. However, the number of men entering engineering has followed the same trend. This gender gap may have been caused by the different influences that are in a female’s life, different educational experiences that males and females experienced, and when females have little to no professional confidence in their abilities, hindering them from going into engineering. These experiences may have contributed to the lack of females that are entering and are currently in the engineering field. There is a couple of improvements that can be made in order to improve the trends and close the gender gap that currently exists in engineering. By introducing STEM related courses at a younger age, this can trigger an early interest in the female’s educational career in engineering, with hopes that they continue and pursue a career in engineering. Another improvement would be to market non-traditional toys to girls. By marketing non-traditional toys to girls, this can provide girls with the message that engineering is not just a men’s profession, and that women could be involved as well.
An engineer is defined as an individual who has the scientific training to design and build complicated products, machines, systems, or structures (Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, n.d.). In the past,…

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