The Gap Between Whites And Minorities Essay

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Graves also makes the point that although American millennials are below average in math and science when compared to their international peers the educational disparities and skills gap among whites and minorities is constantly increasing. The skills gap between whites and minorities millennials is growing because they have access to higher education programs than other groups. For example, the suburban West Bloomfield school district in Michigan schools offer science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs to students from elementary through high school that helps students prepare and practice their quantitative skills in the real world. As a demonstration of how STEM programs are being implemented into white suburban communities than communities of color is the school Birmingham Covington during the early 2000’s. Birmingham Covington is school for grades 3-8th. The school infused mathematics and technology within third grade elementary classes combine with the states curriculum. Middle school students attending Birmingham Covington School during the early 2000’s learned how to use computer software programs such as Excel in addition to learning how to apply their basic quantitative skills (fractions, percentage and proportions) they learned in the classroom to an excel spread sheet. The majority population of the Birmingham Covington School during that were white suburban students.
In contrast, from Birmingham Covington School, the schools located in urban…

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