The Gaming Community Essay

1828 Words Oct 18th, 2016 8 Pages
In the recent and still going year of 2016 the gaming community has seen so many titles fly by like the brand new Dark Souls title or the newest entry to the DOOM saga, even MMO’s like Overwatch. There is a humble big brother floating in these titles, a game that lets the players take the reigns of the economy and clan based combat, one that desperately needs more attention than it is getting. Warframe, a mixture between dystopian hack and slash and a beautifully dark exploration of what could be.
What’s in a good MMO? The size, literally the world MMO stands for “Massive Multiplayer Online” (Farlex 1) so naturally any title that has that strapped on has to live up to the term massive. But if the world is too big that can easily get annoying, having to walk around for pointless minutes possibly hours to reach an objective for some absurd item collection. Not the case with Warframe, each planet is divided into mission zones and each mission on those nodes is confined to a very specific area. This node system is a way to monitor progress and allow for mission specific events like environment hazards, fire, or invasions of other enemy factions. It is not required to complete every node to ‘move onto’ another planet; merely completing objectives described on a ‘warp node’ will get you there. After bashing your way through the boss of that warp a whole new planet opens itself up and the journey begins anew. Typically missions are confined to our own solar system, each planet…

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