The Future Of The Video Game Industry Essay

1852 Words Sep 29th, 2016 8 Pages
Millennials were a generation defined by technology. They experienced the uprise of the computer and the evolution from traditional arcade games to personal gaming consoles. The majority of them grew up playing classics such as Pac-man, Atari, Pokémon, and Zelda. To anyone who has referred to themselves as a gamer, a world absent of video games would be unfathomable. Luckily, those die hard gamers out there probably won’t have to say goodbye anytime soon; as of 2015 the American video gaming industry has generated 13.13 billion dollars in sales. However, the future of the video game industry relies on its relationship to it’s environment based off factors such as: politics, economics, advancement of technology, social culture, and legal implications. No matter how ineffective citizens claim the government is, our federal system plays a big role in industry. The extent of this role, of course, remains under debate; while many eager capitalists believe that politics is simply a weight to bog down free market, others see government-enforced rules and regulations a necessity to ensure standardized, quality consumer products. The video game industry has been taking big hits from political figures who identify them as the root of mass shootings, claiming that their products make the users much more violent. Not only do these political leaders have no right to accuse one industry as the sole purpose of the increase in shootings but they do it without any factual…

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