Ethics Of Limiting Violent Media

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Ethics of Limiting Violent Media According to Ralph Eubanks, the capacity to create and sustain values and to apply them in judgments is a central characteristic of human nature (Johannesen, Valde, & Whedbee, 2008, p. 43). One of the main factors in determining if violent video games could have first amendment protection or should fall under more government regulation was if violent video games provide values for users to learn and sustain. While violent video games do tend to focus on violence as a means to an end they can also provide the moral value of knowing what is right and wrong. However, Senator Yee created the initial legislation due to his history in psychology and of the supposed relationship between aggression and violent media. If children see that …show more content…
Electronic Merchants Association can be seen as a victory for the video game industry to be respected as a mainstream medium that can regulate itself such as film, television, and literary works do; however, the issue of ease and accessibility of mature content to minors is still a reoccurring issue in video games, television, and film. I agree with the majority opinion of the Court that if the video game industry were to be restricted so should other industries, but no matter what there will always be some form of inappropriateness that straddles the line of obscenity. While sexual lewdness and “fighting words” are not protected by the First Amendment and can be government-regulated, violence is still a topic that is apparent in all media and to all ages, but is still protected by the Constitution. I also agree with Justice Breyer that parents should have an active role in the consumption of media by their children, especially in what they purchase for their children. In an ideal world, we would not need government regulation to monitor what minors are consuming. However, no matter, the expectations, regulations, or compliances, children inevitably find a way to consume inappropriate

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