The Future Of Science Fiction Essay

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Would you take that chance to go back in time to change or prevent any act you made?Are all mistakes fixable with a little bit of technological help? Think if time travel existed would our lives be completely different and change the fate of humanity. The future is so unpredictable, but every step taken or move made that made is shaping the future. Time travel would make or break the future, you have planned or started to achieve for society. Science Fiction is shown through multiple outlets of media such as, books, movies, and tv shows especially time travel. Time travel many not currently exist in our world, but if we kept going with the technological advances it could possibly happen. Making the world sees our greatest downfalls, but those downfalls have also become great accomplishments and what have shaped the world we live in as today. We can’t change, stop, or prevent everything little thing that goes wrong when we 're not paying attention. Our mistake may cost us our lives, but it sometimes warns us on what we need to fix or keep the same before it actually happens. Time travel is shown in media as a way we can change or warn us on our lives coming to be, affect the future, and make us think of our personal mistakes. Andrews 2

With advance media, we have today time travel is show billions of people through books,movies, and tv shows. The biggest outlet with time travel are our major motion pictures. Movies take the Sci fi aspect of time travel such as, Men In…

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