The Future of Gaming Essay

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The Future of Gaming

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Today computers are an integral part of everyday life in America. There's hardly anywhere you can go without seeing a computer in use. It has simplified the hard task of everyday life and left more free time. Many people spend that free time playing video games. Video games are a good way of stress relief, a way to get away from the realities of everyday life and into a virtual world. Some will say that video games have lead to kids being more obese because they don't get outside and play. They say that video games contribute to violence, because acts in games are reenacted by individuals. Video games have also lead to addiction like those from drugs and alcohol. Games
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While some argue about the exact origin and the true founder of videogames, one thing we can’t argue is that gaming has a huge impact on our culture.
1951. Mart Bromley bought electromechanical machines and launched SEGA (Service Games). This is what initially started the arcade game segment, which would take a boom in the 70’s
1951. Ralph Baer, an engineer with Loral, a company that develops and manufactures complex military airborne electronics, is instructed to "build the best TV set in the world." Baer suggests they add some kind of interactive game to the TV set to distinguish it from other companies' TVs, but management ignores the idea.
1952. A.S. Douglas creates the first documented computer game, Noughts and Crosses (tic-tac-toe), as part of his doctoral dissertation at Cambridge University.
1962. Steve Russel from MIT creates Spacewar!, the first interactive computer game. The game was simply trying to shoot a flyer saucer. It ran on a PDP-1 computer and quickly spread to universities and research computers around the world.
1968. Ralph H. Baer (aka The father of videogames) applied for a U.S. patent for a “Television Gaming and Training Apparatus” (aka. Pong).
1971. Nolan Bushnell creates Computer Space (an adaptation of Spacewar!), the first coin operated arcade style game.
1972. Magnavox rolls out the first home game console, the

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