The Future Of Driving Is A Autonomous Vehicles Essay

1361 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
The future of driving belongs to Autonomous vehicles By the year 2020 it is reported that there will be over 10 million autonomous or self-driving cars on the roads of the world, leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Tesla, and BMW they have already installed in their new model vehicles, features that allow this vehicles to have various self-driving capabilities. Google which it has been at the forefront of the self-driving car it has already done various successful tests of its prototype which it says is ready for market. Tesla motors in October of 2015 implemented a system which allowed drivers to stay for a period of time without needing to steer the wheel of their car as the software did all the driving in an autopilot kind of way. An autonomous vehicle is a car that basically does not need a driver , it is more or less a robotic vehicle, it senses its surroundings and navigates around without the need for human input(Gehrig,Stephan,1507-1512).The car uses either radar, GPS, Odometry lidar and Computer vision to navigate the environment they are in for obstacles, the best roads to follow and the road signs to look out for(Lassa,2013).The very first autonomous vehicle was produced at Carnegie Mellon University 's Navlab in the year 1984. Other companies have since built working prototypes of autonomous vehicle which they promise to be the vehicles of the future. The autonomous vehicle industry has in recent times developed at a first place ,…

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