The Future Of Business On Earth Essay examples

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The movie “Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth” is about a few people who speak about the amount of valuable items such as food, technology and many more objects that are put to waste. Many people do not understand that the things that we throw away can be use for something useful.
1. There were many interesting parts about this movie. It was interesting to see what a landfilled looked like. I knew that it was a place where all trash is put but I never imagined what it would look like. In the movie they mentioned, “Recycling is becoming popular,” I do agree with that in some states recycling is important and those who do not recycle can get a ticket. This reinforces the fact that people need to recycle. People are also realizing that the more they waste the more money they are wasting, and the more your recycle the more money you are saving. Another interesting thing that was said on the movie was “In the 1900’s no one had enough money to waste.” I believe that because they did not have money to waste they did not do it. Government, recycling and trash companies are realizing that all the items that are being put to waste can be valuable. These valuable items are being recycled and made into important things. One interesting thing that stated was that gas that is wasted in the landfilled would be used for electricity.
2. There are many things that shocked me while watching the video. They stated, “ When a tree falls it is halfway through its life. When a bear…

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