The Future For Human Genetics Essay

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The Future for Human Genetics People have been around long enough to know that everything changes (for the better or worse). Within the past few years, there has been a lot of debate over the scientific breakthrough of being able to modify the human genome. Many doctors and scientists have welcomed the idea with open minds while others are hesitant to become involved. Some see the dangers involved with the process while others see the endless possibilities coming out of this revolutionary discovery. This opportunity allows doctors and scientists to investigate the working of human DNA and potentially find cures for the most deadly diseases known to man. There is potential for greatness in this field of study; it’s just the people unwilling to support it.
The future of medicine and treatment of diseases relies on the advances made in human genetic engineering studies. The Human Genome Project, an organization devoted to determining the sequence of chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, completed a “rough draft” in the year 2003 of the double helix strand which is said to be a milestone in its completion (Green). Scientists are now researching and decoding the functions and interactions between the different genes in hopes of applying it to human genetic diseases (World Transhumanist Association). It is said that "over 18,000 researchers have conducted studies on the BRCA 1/2 genes, published over 8,000 papers, and conducted over 130 clinical trials" in result of these…

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