The Futura Hotel 's Marketing Mix Essay

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Below you will learn and read about details of what is being proposed by Futura Hotel regarding the marketing mix. The Futura Hotel brand position is based on one simple principle; It promises it 's guests a restful night and recreational opportunities to relax in. Anyone not experiencing this will get their money back. No other hotel does this - so their brand position becomes a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

The Robotic Hotel will offer Products like:
• Front Desk manned by dinosaur Robots.
• Guest Rooms with Robotic butlers
• Food and Beverage and PJ’s from Vending Machines
• Conference Facilities
• Game Rooms that simulate latest car rides
• Health and Wellness spa
• Business Center
• Express self-check in and check out.
• Parking facilities with robot valet parking systems
• Twin elevator systems
The Futura hotel will be catering to families on leisure trips looking for recreational and wellness facilities, game rooms with simulated rides, etc. Professionals on business trips that may require business centers, video conferencing, Explorers, etc.


Although classed as a 'recreational ' hotel, Futura Hotel aren 't advertised as such, instead focusing on a good experience during guests stay. Sales promotions include selected hotels on selected nights from $79.99 and prices vary depending on the season as illustrated below:
• Peak Season: This is the period when demand is highest and the hotel can charge the…

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