The Funeral Of The Jehovah Witnesses Essay

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Where am I at right now is all thanks to one special day that change all my whole life. That means a lot for the Jehovah Witnesses. I have studied with them since 6th grade when my grandmother died and my grandpa was giving me the study after that. It was not an easy goal to achieve to because there is certain thing that you need to prove of yourself. Thanks to my grandpa and and my other members of the Jehovah witnesses, I was able to prove of myself that I truly want to achieve the goal and go to the next step in my life: dedicate my life entirely to Jehovah by becoming a Jehovah witnesses.
March 26, 2016, the convention day has came and all nervous up, scared that if something will go wrong today. I was all my changing cloths pack up to wear for my baptism. I double check that I had the clothes that needed.
Right before when my grandpa and I left house he ask me. “Do you have the things you need because you will not be able to do it if you don’t have your clothes to change to.”
“Yea” I said to him but check again to be for sure I do have them. Then I told him “Yea, I have them don’t worry I didn’t forget anything.” Then I just remember about my towel so I ran back inside to get my towel.
When we got to Ramada Plaza Omaha Hotel and Convention Center where the Jehovah Witnesses convention is taking place at. My stomach is hurting so bad when I get really nervous, it reminded me the day when I gave my first part in the meeting, my leg was shaking so badly and I could…

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