The Fundamentals Of Morally Preventing Terrorism Essay

1370 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
The Fundamentals of Morally Preventing Terrorism Irregular war is an asymmetric war that is fought between a state and a non-state or guerilla insurgency. Many times irregular war develops into a form of terrorism on the side of the weak, non-state actor. Although both actors hold different morals, both are trying to win the hearts and minds of the people. This ‘center of gravity’ is the bridge between the two, however terrorists try achieving this through their extremist ideals. These radical moves are sometimes justified by the state actor overreacting out of fear and abandoning their moral obligations. This type of coercion is an effective strategy used by most extremist jihadi organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. This fear and overreaction can cause community backlash if the state reacts in a way not common to its own morals. With the understanding of the dynamics of irregular war one can develop an opinion on how terrorism should be counteracted. Terrorism effectively violates basic human rights and the laws of war. There is minimal ethical reasoning with terrorists and a state must not regress to acting from hatred. One must seek justice, not revenge through mechanisms of antiterrorism and counterterrorism. Western society today, including the US and Europe believe that preventive action should be taken upon these radical actors because of the imminent threat that they impose. However, how does one keep to one’s moral sense and also defeat terrorists, whose strategy…

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