The Fundamental Nature Of The Christian Worldview Essay

780 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
The fundamental nature of the Christian worldview is heavily reliant on the validity of the Incarnation. To blatantly assume that there is no empirical proof to provide validity for the occurrence of the Incarnation entails a foundational logical fallacy. For historical proof will be interpreted within the context of an individual’s philosophical beliefs, and can by affect be perceived inaccurately. Thus, a philosophical analysis to confirm the foundational truth of the Incarnation must precede historical inquiry. The supernatural nature of reality and the nature of God entail that the Incarnation most likely occurred. Especially when coupled with the nature of miracles and the high probability of their occurrence. The rationality of miracles first must be considered in the context of our reality. A Naturalist supposes that nothing else exists besides nature, and thus miracles cannot exist for a Naturalist because there is nothing outside of nature to come in and interfere. The Naturalist line of reasoning assumes that everything can be explained in the structure of nature. However, discrepancies arrive when the cause of morality and reason are addressed. Nature is non-moral and non-rational; thus these traits could not have manifested themselves in humanity through natural causes. Thus, the independent nature of our rational thought and reason from nature, suggests that it is dependent on something supernatural and apart from nature. So in the end, the supernatural element…

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