The Fundamental Agreement Of A Programming Language Essay

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Writing code is in many ways comparable to the authorship of any report or other papers. Just as punctuation is required to make sense of written language, programming languages have a similar stylistic requirement. In the same way one might be able to learn one of the romance languages such as French or Spanish and have some structural idea of all the other languages in the same category, the same theory applies to the use and application of programming languages.
The fundamental agreement of a programming language, however does not directly entail the automatic understanding of all programs written in said language. If a developer was to create a program, he presumably knows everything about the code he has written. Every variable name and method call are clear to him and he knows what result is intended from the program. The problem arises when someone without the prior knowledge of the code, who wasn’t there when the first developer began writing into an empty file, begins to try and change the code. There is a learning curve for the new developer. They don’t have the same experiences as the first developer and thus need to take some time and mental processing power to comprehend what the original programmer intended. This is something that is necessary before it is possible to make meaningful changes and thus progress through the project.
This report provides insight into the importance of code readability in software development. The report’s main…

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