The Functions Of Sound In Communication

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Key terms:

1. Pressure wave - Sound results from the back and forth vibrations of particles of the medium through which the sound wave is moving.

2. Sound waves -A wave formed from sound that moves through the air and carries the sound to our ears

Sounds is any disturbance that travels through a medium such as the ground air or water to be heard by the human ear. A pressure wave is perceived by the ear as sound. In science sound is waves of vibratory motion, which is sometimes audible to the human ears, and sometimes it 's inaudible.Sound waves are generated by vibrations.

Example - a violin string

In this example, the string pushes molecules of air in a clump, which makes space. The
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However, each person is different.The focus of my paper is why sound is necessary.In my essay, I will explain the various roles of sound. How it help us, how it affect us and most importantly why the sound is a vital part of communication.

My plan of organization is as
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Alarm signals us to leave an area, or check on our food, or even let us know if the oil pressure is low in our cars. These are what we call life-saving functions of sound. Signaling objects and events are a powerful role of sound and one we use on a daily basis.

At the basic level of sound, we hear through a process called auditory transduction. Our ears than converts the waves from the air into electrical impulses that are then interpreted by our brains. Once these waves pass our outer ear, they trigger vibrations in the eardrum. Once this vibration takes place, it moves a group of small bones in our bodies called the malleus, the incus, and the stapes. These bones are known as the ossicles. And their job is to amplify the force from our eardrum so the sound can pass to our inner ear. For this reason, alone sound is necessary. Our hearing is a crucial means of survival. Likewise, animals use sound as an essential element in mating rituals, and to mark territories.


Communication is an ability we share with animals. Which plays a significant role in our

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