The Fugitive Slave Act Analysis

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"Control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively" – What Lincoln was saying here is that he had an idea to put each state responsible for their own state. I think what he wants is to balance the power in each state. His basically removing the power from the federal government to govern the state and to leave it on its own. Unfortunately, it did not last long and as of now federal government is still in control. It was a good idea, but it did not work well.
"Fugitive slaves" – These are the slaves from the South who ran away to seek refuge in the North. This is also known as the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. This act already existed in the United States Constitution. However, they made a new law that requires any
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Most of them have lighter skin color.
"O, Lord, how long! O, Lord, why don 't you help us?" – This words goes back to Ecclesiastes 4:1 who is asking where is the Lord? The hardship that they are going thru is not a joke. If only Lincoln, could have passed the anti-slavery law sooner. They would not be suffering this much and this long.
"Touch me, if you dare!" – This is when Cassy was being harassed by the drivers. Due to her faith being small, anger is slowly consuming her. The anger that she 's been keeping inside, can erupt at any time. At this point, she can harm anyone and the drivers cowardly back off from her.
"Ye jest take this yer and flog her" – Legree ordered Tom to flag Cassy because of the attitude she was giving to Legree. Legree is the head of the cotton farm. Tom did not want to flog Cassy because she did not do anything wrong. Her basket was full, she finished her work and did not fail. The only reason why Legree wanted to flog Cassy was because he did not like her attitude. This is no way to treat a woman, colored or not. She does not deserve any punishment for fulfilling her job right. Tom sees this and for him it is not
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Legree wanted Tom to be one of the drivers and to be a driver you need to be tough. Tough enough to whip slaves for no apparent reason. Tom firmly said that he will do no such thing. He will not punish an innocent person, or anyone for that matter. Most slaves are being punish only because their masters feel like hurting someone, even if they did nothing

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