The French And Indian War Essays

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Although the British Army helped remove the French, the American colonists’ most powerful adversary from their land, the British still had plans on controlling the colonies. The British attempted to tighten control of the colonies by limiting how far they were able to settle and raising revenue. These restrictions began to stir a resistance among the American colonists. The Americans desire to revolt and declare themselves as an independent nation in 1776 was impacted by events such as the Albany Plan drafted by Benjamin Franklin, Acts enforced by the British imperial government onto American colonists, and the Daughters of Liberty which boycotted British goods. The conflict and disagreement between Great Britain and the American colonies after the colonists declared independence in 1776 would later initiate the creation of the Articles of Confederation and a Franco-American Alliance. The start of the French and Indian War of 1754 made the British North American colonies vigilant. To prepare for the coming war, seven colonies sent representatives to Albany, New York. The Albany Plan, a proposal introduced and drafted by Benjamin Franklin, would have been the first proposal to attempt to unite all the colonies under one government. This union would have formed a permanent federation of colonies. The proposal was introduced on June 19, 1754 to the Albany Congress and adopted the final version of the plan on July 10, 1754. Despite the support of many colonial leaders, the…

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