Essay on The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War foreshadowed imminent conflict on American soil. This conflict witnessed Great Britain and France vie for control of the Ohio River Valley. A significant historical event, as indicated by Elliot G. Storke in his novel, History of Cayuga Country, “the French were vanquished and the sovereignty of the country conceded to England.” It was truly a humiliating defeat for France and its Amerindian allies. The Treaty of Paris granted Great Britain the Ohio River Valley, as well as Quebec, Canada resulting in France losing all of its territory in North America. Although the American colonies fought alongside the British during the French and Indian War, Great Britain’s victory greatly affected their postwar relationship. The Proclamation of 1763, passed by King George III, incited this feud between the colonies and the Crown. The provisions of the decree stated that Great Britain would govern the colonists under austere economic and political control. Numerous colonists did not respond favorably to this declaration. Individuals resented the Proclamation, as it prohibited them from expanding westward. However, the boundaries had been set. In addition, the colonists began to question the British intent on American soil. This act appeared to benefit the Amerindians more than the American colonists. It offered them protection, as Great Britain aimed to evade future conflicts. The Proclamation reinforced that the Amerindians would be treated with respect. The…

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